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Promithea has a warm and kind personality. Promi, as she is
most-often called, is the second oldest Zoonicorn. Promi is very
smart, yet loves being a girly-girl, and is also a friend to all.
Since she gets along with everyone, she is usually the organizer
of events big and small. At the first glow of her graceful horn,
she can create something out of nothing by bringing together
all the right characters at the right time. She is an orchestrator
without a baton. She sometimes cares a bit too much about
her appearance; especially her mane. She is always patient
and understanding, but is very headstrong and likes to do
everything her way. Seeing or receiving lilies is the best way to
make her smile, but keep the bugs, mainly spiders, away from
her at all times.
Travel With Me Promi Zoonicorn Plush $9.99
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