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Ene is the youngest and the most caring and thoughtful of
the Zoonicorns. He likes his alone time and can be a bit shy
and timid, which means he doesn’t always stick up for himself.
A happy guy who gets along with everyone, he is intelligent
beyond his years and can handle big ideas, but he has a slight
speech impediment which makes big words often hard for him
to say. He is the Zoonicorns technology and magic guru. When
his horn glows, he can project a screen in front of him where he
can find all types of information, connect with others and solve
problems. Ene is a good listener and will always try his best
to make you feel better when you are sad or troubled. But he
does get annoyed with everyone wanting him to always access
information for them. He is constantly having his naps, quiet
time and meals interrupted, which can bring out a mischievous
streak in him. And speaking of being annoyed, having to eat
peas is the one thing that will bring this happy chap down; he
would much rather fill his belly with string cheese.
Travel With Me Ene Zoonicorn Plush $9.99
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