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Valeo is the oldest of the Zoonicorns and a natural-born leader.
He can access super powers to manipulate the Zooniverse
through his horn, which when it glows gives him the strength to
move, mold and maneuver anything. He sure likes giving orders,
but isn’t as good at taking them, which you can see when Promi
reminds him that without a plan first, ordering others around
will only make things worse. Valeo is athletic and loves to show
off, but sometimes he can be a bit too competitive and a poor
loser. He’s willing to help those in need and his bravery can
see him through almost any situation as he is always the first
to head into the dark hole or jump into the water to rescue a
young animal friend. His favorite thing in the whole Zooniverse
is strawberry ice cream, especially when it’s in a cone.
Travel With Me Valeo Zoonicorn Plush $9.99
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