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Aliel is active, perky, energized, and excited about everything
and your friend from the moment you meet. With the golden
glow of her horn, Aliel can share her thoughts with the other
Zoonicorns, so she is the super communicator and the glue of
the group. But she does love to talk, so you may have a tough
time getting a word in. If there are new flowers to examine in a
field or a bird is warbling an unusual tune, Aliel will tell you all
about it. Sometimes she says things without thinking and can
be quite impulsive, which can get her into trouble, like when
she says “hurry up slow poke,” as she gallops off to her next
adventure. You will never be bored with Aliel around. If there is
dirt or mud nearby you can be sure she’ll find it and will manage
to lose the ribbons that Promi braids into her mane.

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