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Meet The Zoonicorns

Ene is the youngest, most caring and thoughtful of the Zoonicorns. He likes his alone time and can be a bit shy and timid, which means he doesn’t always stick up for himself. When his horn glows, he can project a screen in front of him where he can find all types of information, connect with others and solve problems. Ene is a good listener and will always try his best to make you feel better when you are sad or troubled.











Promithea has a warm and kind personality. Promi, as she is most-often called, is the second oldest Zoonicorn. She is always patient and understanding. At the first glow of her graceful horn, she can create something out of nothing and bring together all of the right characters at the right time.












Valeo is the oldest of the Zoonicorns and a natural-born leader. He is always the first to head into a dark hole or jump into the water to rescue a young animal friend. Valeo is willing to help those in need and his bravery sees him through almost any situation.













Aliel is active, perky, energized and a friend from the moment you meet. She is the super communicator, and the glue of the group. With the golden glow of her horn, Aliel can share her thoughts with the other Zoonicorns.